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Eggroll USA
1. Soak the clear noodles in cold water until they are soft.
2. Chop Chinese cabbage in a small pieces

3. Cut the clear noodles into a small pieces
4. Add Chinese chopped cabbage, chopped clear noodles, ground pork, soy sauce ,salt, white or black pepper, and sesame oil into the big bowl.
5. Mix throughly.
6. Put the ¼ cup of water into a separate dish and add the 2 tbsp flour into the water dish.  Mix it up and save it for later use.
7. Take one egg roll wrapper sheet of the egg roll stack. 
8. Scoop 2 tbsp of ingredient onto the wrapper.

9. Roll up the wrapper most of the way.  Leave the edge exposed to apply the flour mixture.
10. This will prevent the wrapper from coming apart when  you deep fry the egg rolls.
11. Add the vegetable oil to a cooking pan.  Make sure the pan is deep enough so the eggrolls are fully covered with the oil.

12. Heat the vegetable oil to 350 degrees  and place the ginger slices into pan.
13. Place the egg rolls into the pan and turn the heat down to a medium setting.  Let the egg rolls cook about 5 minutes.
14. After the 5 minutes turn the egg rolls over and let them cook about another 3-5 minutes until egg roll turn golden brown.
15. Remove the egg rolls from the pan and place them on the paper towels.  Let them drain and cool for approximately 10 minutes.  Do not cover the egg rolls as the skin will get too soft.  Use caution as the inside of the egg rolls may still be hot.
16. You are done !
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